How to Start a Branch / Agency for a foreign company in Syria | Law No.34/2008

Branch: the center created by the Foreign Legal Persons in Syria to work under their business title or trade name Temporary Office: the Office of the Foreign Company or Organisation registered to implement a single contract in Syria. The registration shall expire at the end of the contract implementation or after one year, whichever is shorter.
Section: a sub-Branch belonging to the Branch.
Regional Office: the center created by a Foreign Legal Person in Syria, to handle their business and activities outside the Syrian territory.
Representation Office: the Office created by a foreign Company or Organization to represent it in Syria without having the right to exercise any major activity on the Syrian territories.
Commercial Agency: the contract of a licensing business concluded between the Company/Organization and a natural/legal person having a commercial register in Syria, with a copy of the contract deposited at the Directorate.

Foreign companies, organisations or bodies shall have the right to apply for registration in accordance with any of the following forms:

1. Branch
2. Temporary Office
3. Representation Office
4. Regional Office

 Foreign Legal Persons shall submit to the Ministry an application requesting the registration of an Office or Branch, containing the following information:

1. Name and business title
2. Nationality and place of establishment
3. Legal form
4. Head Office and domicile
5. Type of registration
6. Objectives to be handled in Syria
7. Capital, in case they are a company or organization, except non-profit companies or bodies.
8. Branch/Office location or temporary chosen domicile
9. Sections, if any, and their domicile
10. General Manager's name, nationality and chosen domicile in Syria
11. Name of the person authorised to follow up the registration procedures at the Directorate
12. FLP's e-mail address
13. Particulars of: partners in the case of partnerships or board members in case of associations of capital
14. Name of the FLP's accounting auditor
15. Name of the accounting auditor in Syria

The registration application shall be signed by the person authorized to register the FLP before the competent Directorate official or before the Notary Public.

The Branch/Office registration application shall be attached with the following documents (attested by the Syrian Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Syria):

1. A duly attested copy of the articles of association of the Company/ organization or of the Body's creation instrument and Memorandum of association or any equivalent documentation.
2. Company, organization or establishment board decision about the creation of a Branch/Office, stating respective authority.
3. Commercial registration certificate of the FLP or equivalent.
4. A copy of the agency agreement whereby the FLP has appointed a person residing in Syria a General Manager for the created Branch/Office, and authorizing him to be notified on his behalf.
5. A document proving that the capital of the Company/Organisation is not less than fifty million Syrian Pounds or equivalent in other currencies. The produced document must be signed and duly attested by the authorized signatory. The minister shall have the right to modify the set capital.
6. Exempted from the requirement in oaragraph 5 above are non-profit foreign organizations and bodies.
7. Last year’s financial statement of legal person at his head Office, duly attested by its chartered accounts auditor.
8. An authorization letter issued to the person appointed by the FLP to follow up the registration procedures.



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